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A Parting Hymn
by [?]

Father in Heaven, to thee,
Guardian and friend,
Lowly the suppliant knee
Here would we bend!–
Blessing thee ere we part,
Each with a grateful heart,
For all thy love doth send–
Plenteous and free!

Thanks for thy hand outspread
Ever in power
O’er each defenceless head
In danger’s hour!
Thanks for the light arid love,
From thy full fount above–
A rich and constant shower,
O’er us still shed!

Go thou with us, we pray,
Whom duties call
To our high tasks away,
Each one, and all,–
Go, with thy Spirit’s might,
Go, with thy Gospel’s light
–Whatever may befall–
With us alway

Now let thy blessing rest
On us anew–
Brother, and friend, and guest,
Tried ones and true–
Till, all Our pirtings o’er,
Meeting, to part no more,
In Heaven we renew
Friendships so blest