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A Mother’s Address To The Deity
by [?]

Accept oh Lord! a mother’s prayer,
And shield my child from sickness here;
May Judah, ever constant prove
Herself deserving of thy love:
Sweet Robert in this vale of tears,
Survived with me three sickening years,
Before it was thy will to say,
He shall the debt of nature pay:
On lov’d Maria now I dwell,
My grief for her no pen can tell;
To spare a mother’s pangs she flew,
To thee, ere I cou’d say adieu!
The babe was not a year with me,
Ere angels wafted her to thee:
For Charlotte’s life, oh Lord! I pray,
And Robert’s too both night and day;
Should it be thy will to call
Them from my sight, I pray, that all
My children may obtain a rest,
Were souls are number’d with the blest.
Henry a mother’s last delight,
Improve O Lord, his health and sight,
That quick I find his strength increase,
My thanks to thee, shall never cease.