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A Brief History, In Three Parts, With A Sequel
by [?]


A GLANCE–a thought–a blow–
It stings him to the core.
A question–will it lay him low?
Or will time heal it o’er?

He kindles at the name–
He sits and thinks apart;
Time blows and blows it to a flame,
Burning within his heart.

He loves it though it burns,
And nurses it with care;
He feels the blissful pain by turns
With hope, and with despair.


Sonnets and serenades,
Sighs, glances, tears, and vows,
Gifts, tokens, souvenirs, parades,
And courtesies and bows.

A purpose and a prayer;
The stars are in the sky–
He wonders how e’en hope should dare
To let him aim so high!

Still hope allures and flatters,
And doubt just makes him bold;
And so, with passion all in tatters,
The trembling tale is told.

Apologies and blushes,
Soft looks, averted eyes,
Each heart into the other rushes,
Each yields, and wins a prize.

A gathering of fond friends,–
Brief, solemn words, and prayer,–
A trembling to the fingers’ ends,
As hand in hand, they swear.

Sweet cake, sweet wine; sweet kisses,
And so the deed is done;
Now for life’s waves and blisses,
The wedded two are one.

And down the shining stream,
They launch their buoyant skiff,
Bless’d, if they may but trust hope’s dream,
But ah! Truth echoes–“If!”


If health be firm–if friend be true–
If self be well-controlled,
If tastes be pure–if wants be few–
And not too often told–

If reason always rule the heart–
If passion own its sway–
If love–for aye–to life impart
The zest it does to-day–

If Providence, with parent care,
Mete out the varying lot–
While meek contentment bows to share,
The palace, or the cot–

And oh! if Faith, sublime and clear,
The spirit upwards guide–
Then bless’d indeed, and bless’d for ever,
The bridegroom and the bride!