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A Bill Of Christmas Fare
by [?]

Come, mad boys, be glad, boys, for Christmas is here,
And we shall be feasted with jolly good cheer;
Then let us be merry, ’tis Saint Stephen’s day,
Let’s eat and drink freely, here’s nothing to pay.

My master bids welcome, and so doth my dame,
And ’tis yonder smoking dish doth me inflame;
Anon I’ll be with you, though you me outface,
For now I do tell you I have time and place.

I’ll troll the bowl to you, then let it go round,
My heels are so light they can stand on no ground;
My tongue it doth chatter, and goes pitter patter,
Here’s good beer and strong beer, for I will not flatter.

And now for remembrance of blessed Saint Stephen,
Let’s joy at morning, at noon, and at even;
Then leave off your mincing, and fall to mince-pies,
I pray take my counsel, be ruled by the wise.

New Christmas Carols, A.D. 1642.