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The Bird Soldier
by [?]

Little bird! you had better let that cannon alone; I am afraid you will soon fall by its side. But what are you firing at? You don?t mean to let us see; never mind?only be sure that you don?t kill yourself, nor any body else.

Can it be that you are doing all that for play? If so, you must be very fond of fire-works. But you hardly look cross enough to kill any body.

If you do such a thing, you know what must be done; you will either be hung, or put in prison for life: but they don?t hang much, now-a-days; so, perhaps, they will only shut you up.

Little bird, little bird, what are you doing??
?Firing my cannon, to kill Robin Redbreast;?

Naughty bird, naughty bird, why will you do it?
?Because he has stolen the eggs from my nest.?