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Speak, if you want it; you won?t get it till you do. Why don?t you mind me? Speak, I say. So said Joseph Mecklem to his dog, which he keeps all the while chained to his kennel. Growler is a fine hunter, and a good watch-dog. His master is giving him lessons every day; he calls them his eating and talking lessons.

Growler seems to be very happy, though he is kept close. He barks and growls, in the night, at every little noise he hears, and will not allow any body to come near the house. Strange that Growler can be so contented; he is better than some boys, who cry because they have to sit still, on a bench, a few hours every day, to study. How would they feel, to be always chained to the bench, as Growler is to his kennel?