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Freddy taking a ride
by [?]

But, what kind of a horse is that? Oh! it is a dog! Just hear Fred talk
to him.?Go along, Bright, he says.

Bright must be a smart dog, to carry a boy six years old, all over the
farm. Freddy?s father owns that house. You see a large green in front?a
fine playground for Fred. He ought to be a very grateful boy, to have so
nice a home.

Just see how steadily Bright carries him along, in his fine carriage.
That was a present from his father.

I hope Fred will always be a good boy; and that, when he grows older, he
will be able to repay his father for all these good things. Little boys
should always remember how much they owe to their parents, and try to
please them in every thing.