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Faith, Hope, And Charity
by [?]

In one of the dark periods, when shadows lay upon the earth, a beautiful angel was sent to abide there and teach the doubting and weary of a Father’s love and care.

She found it a tedious task, and, after many years of toil, felt that she needed a helper.

“If my sister were here,” she often said to the people, “she could aid you to greater efforts; for, while I seem to supply a needed element to your souls, I only half succeed in meeting your wants.”

“If she is but half as good as yourself we will welcome her,” answered those to whom she spoke.

“I will go for her,” said Faith, one dark night, after she had been trying to rouse the people to higher states, with what seemed to her but little success. Faith was weary, and wept; and, when her tears flowed, her sister, yet in the realms of peace, by a strange law of sympathy, knew it, and ran to her father, saying, “I, too, must go to the earth; for Faith needs me.”

Her parent sat awhile in deep thought, and Hope waited impatiently for his answer, which came spoken in a firm, clear voice: “We have done Faith a great wrong, I fear, in sending her alone where so much light and comfort is needed. It was too much for her. Go, Hope, and my blessing attend you.”

She was overjoyed at receiving her father’s permission to join her sister; for, since Faith had gone, her beautiful home had seemed lonely.

Faith sat all night with her eyes uplifted to heaven, and, when the morning sun lit the hill-tops, behold! on its beams Hope was descending to earth.

Faith was not long in ascending the hill to meet her sister. Their meeting was full of joy.

“If my eyes had not been lifted heavenward, I should have missed you, Hope: and you must have searched a long time for me; for my journeys are far each day,” said Faith to her sister.

“Keep your eyes ever uplifted,” answered Hope, “and you will see not only the brightness of the heavens, but also the father’s angels whom he chooses to send to your aid.”

“I will,” answered Faith; and ever after her eyes were raised heavenward.

They descended to the valley, hand in hand, and reached it as the people were passing to their daily toils.

How light now seemed the labors of Faith! What a comfort it was to have Hope by her when she walked along the dreary wayside; and Hope’s bright words, how they cheered the downhearted!

“I wonder your parents ever permitted you to come to the earth alone,” remarked an old and venerable woman to Faith, as the latter was imparting to her some truths which lay almost beyond the grasp of mortals.

“My father, as well as myself, had to learn that I needed Hope with me to make my work more perfect. We must first feel our own inadequacy before our helpers can be fully appreciated. I think she came in the right time,” said Faith reverently.

“No doubt,” replied the woman; “I have often heard you say that all our blessings come at the needful moment; but surely Hope looks as though she could endure the rough clime, and still rougher ways of our people, better than yourself, although I do not know what my life would have been without you.”

“That was why I was sent here. I came to prepare the way for Hope. I was needed first; and now, with my sister’s brighter element, I expect to do a good work on the earth.”

“A blessed pair!” exclaimed the woman, as they left her home to go to others more dark and drear.

Faith was summoned that night to the home of a widow whose only child was passing away; for the clear, far-seeing eyes of Faith could see the soul depart and take on its heavenly form. It was a great comfort to the bereaved in hours like those to have her near.