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by [?]

Oh, the Prince was glad, I could soon see that, and the Princess she was too;
And Lucille waltzed round on the tablecloth as she often used to do.
And the Prince pulled out a purse of gold, and he put it in my hand;
And he says: “It was worth all that, I’m told, to stay in that nasty land.”
And then he turned with a sudden cry, and he clutched at his royal beard;
And the Princess screamed, and well she might–for Lucille had disappeared.

“She must be here,” said his Noble Nibbs, so we hunted all around;
Oh, we searched that place, but never a trace of the little beast we found.
So I shook my head, and I glumly said: “Gol darn the saucy cuss!
It’s mighty queer, but she isn’t here; so . . . she must be on one of us.
You’ll pardon me if I make so free, but–there’s just one thing to do:
If you’ll kindly go for a half a mo’ I’ll search me garments through.”
Then all alone on the shiny throne I stripped from head to heel;
In vain, in vain; it was very plain that I hadn’t got Lucille.
So I garbed again, and I told the Prince, and he scratched his august head;
“I suppose if she hasn’t selected you, it must be me,” he said.
So he retired; but he soon came back, and his features showed distress:
“Oh, it isn’t you and it isn’t me.” . . . Then we looked at the Princess.
So she retired; and we heard a scream, and she opened wide the door;
And her fingers twain were pinched to pain, but a radiant smile she wore:
“It’s here,” she cries, “our precious prize.
Oh, I found it right away. . . .”
Then I ran to her with a shout of joy, but I choked with a wild dismay.
I clutched the back of the golden throne, and the room began to reel . . .
What she held to me was, ah yes! a flea, but . . . it wasn’t my Lucille.