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Breitmann Interviews The Pope
by [?]

‘Conceptio Immaculata, hoc modo fixisti,
Et nemo audet dicere unum verbum, de isti:
Non vides si infallibilis es, et vultis es exdare,[6]
Non alius sed tu solus hanc debet proclamare.”

“Figlio mio,” dixit Papa; “Tu es homo mirabilis,
Tua verba sunt mi dulcior quam ostriche cum Chablis
In tutta Roma, de Alemania gente,
Non ho visto uno con si grande mente.

“Vero benedetto es – eris benedictus,
Tibi mitterem photographiam in quo sum depictus.
Tu comprendes situatio – il punto et gravamen.
Sunt pauci clerici ut te. Nunc dico tibi. – Amen!”

“If we can in our monastery collect our rents, we do not care a red cent for infallibility.”

This verse is parodied from the lines of a ribald old Latin song, “Viginti Jesuiti nuper convenêre.”

“If I could throw myself outside of, or around, a glass of Rhenish wine.” “If I could see a glass of whisky,” said an American, “I’d throw myself outside of it mighty quick.” Since writing the above, I have seen the expression thus given in a copy of La Belle Sauvage. – Bill of the Play, London, June 27, 1870.
“Nay these natives – simple creatures-
Had resolved that for the future
Each his own canoe would paddle,
Each his own hoe-cake would gobble,
And get outside his own whisky.”

“Deus se fecit olim homo,”etc. A very curious epigram to this effect was placed upon “Pasquin” while the writer was in Rome, during a past winter. It was as follows:- “Perchè Eva mangio il pomo Iddio per riscattarci si fece uomo, Ed ora il Nono Pio Per mantenerci schiavi, si fa Dio.”

M’Closky. An Irish adventurer, admirably depicted by Mr. Charles Lever.

“Do you not see that if you are infallible, and wish to give it out.”