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A Ballad Of Fair Ladies In Revolt
by [?]


– Look, lady, where yon river winds its line
Toward sunset, and receives on breast and face
The splendour of fair life: to be divine,
‘Tis nature bids you be to nature true,
Flowing with beauty, lending earth your grace,
Reflecting heaven in clearness you.


– Sir, you speak well: your friend no word vouchsafes.
To flow with beauty, breeding fools and worse,
Cowards and worse: at such fair life she chafes,
Who is not wholly of the nursery,
Nor of your schools: we share the primal curse;
Together shake it off, say we!


– Hear, then, my friend, madam! Tongue-restrained he stands
Till words are thoughts, and thoughts, like swords enriched
With traceries of the artificer’s hands,
Are fire-proved steel to cut, fair flowers to view. –
Do I hear him? Oh, he is bewitched, bewitched!
Heed him not! Traitress beauties you!


– We have won a champion, sisters, and a sage!
– Ladies, you win a guest to a good feast!
– Sir spokesman, sneers are weakness veiling rage.
– Of weakness, and wise men, you have the key.
– Then are there fresher mornings mounting East
Than ever yet have dawned, sing we!


– False ends as false began, madam, be sure!
– What lure there is the pure cause purifies!
– Who purifies the victim of the lure?
– That soul which bids us our high light pursue.
– Some heights are measured down: the wary wise
Shun Reason in the masque with you!


– Sir, for the friend you bring us, take our thanks.
Yes, Beauty was of old this barren goal;
A thing with claws; and brute-like in her pranks!
But could she give more loyal guarantee
Than wooing Wisdom, that in her a soul
Has risen? Adieu: content are we!


Those ladies led their captive to the flood’s
Green edge. He floating with them seemed the most
Fool-flushed old noddy ever crowned with buds.
Happier than I! Then, why not wiser too?
For he that lives with Beauty, he may boast
His comrade over me and you.


Have women nursed some dream since Helen sailed
Over the sea of blood the blushing star,
That beauty, whom frail man as Goddess hailed,
When not possessing her (for such is he!),
Might in a wondering season seen afar,
Be tamed to say not ‘I,’ but ‘we’?


And shall they make of Beauty their estate,
The fortress and the weapon of their sex?
Shall she in her frost-brilliancy dictate,
More queenly than of old, how we must woo,
Ere she will melt? The halter’s on our necks,
Kick as it likes us, I and you.


Certain it is, if Beauty has disdained
Her ancient conquests, with an aim thus high:
If this, if that, if more, the fight is gained.
But can she keep her followers without fee?
Yet ah! to hear anew those ladies cry,
He who’s for us, for him are we!