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The Minister’s Wooing
by [?]

“‘No; why should they?’ says Huldy, quite innocent.

“‘Wal, dear,’ says she, ‘I think it’s a shame; but they say you’re tryin’ to catch him, and that it’s so bold and improper for you to be courtin’ of him right in his own house–you know folks will talk–I thought I’d tell you, ’cause I think so much of you,’ says she.

“Huldy was a gal of spirit, and she despised the talk, but it made her drefful uncomfortable; and when she got home at night she sat down in the mornin’-glory porch, quite quiet, and didn’t sing a word.

“The minister he had heard the same thing from one of his deakins that day; and when he saw Huldy so kind o’ silent, he says to her, ‘Why don’t you sing, my child?’

“He had a pleasant sort o’ way with him, the minister had, and Huldy had got to likin’ to be with him; and it all come over her that perhaps she ought to go away; and her throat kind o’ filled up so she couldn’t hardly speak; and, says she, ‘I can’t sing to-night’

“Says he, ‘You don’t know how much good your singin’ has done me, nor how much good you have done me in all ways, Huldy. I wish I knew how to show my gratitude.’

“‘Oh, sir!’ says Huldy, ‘is it improper for me to be here?’

“‘No, dear,’ says the minister, ‘but ill-natured folks will talk; but there is one way we can stop it, Huldy–if you’ll marry me. You’ll make me very happy, and I’ll do all I can to make you happy. Will you?’

“Wal, Huldy never told me just what she said to the minister; gals never does give you the particulars of them things jist as you’d like ’em–only I know the upshot and the hull on’t was, that Huldy she did a considerable lot o’ clear starchin’ and ironin’ the next two days, and the Friday o’ next week the minister and she rode over together to Doctor Lothrop’s, in Oldtown, and the Doctor he jist made ’em man and wife.”