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Christmas; or, The Good Fairy
by [?]

Just then, another ring at the door, and the grinning waiter handed in a small brown paper parcel for Miss Ella. Tom made a dive at it, and staving off the brown paper, developed a jaunty little purple velvet cap, with silver tassels.

“My smoking cap, as I live!” said he; “only I shall have to wear it on my thumb, instead of my head–too small entirely,” said he, shaking his head gravely.

“Come, you saucy boys,” said Aunt E., entering briskly, “what are you teasing Ella for?”

“Why, do see this lot of things, aunt! What in the world is Ella going to do with them?”

“O, I know!”

“You know! Then I can guess, aunt, it is some of your charitable works. You are going to make a juvenile Lady Bountiful of El, eh?”

Ella, who had colored to the roots of her hair at the expose of her very unfashionable Christmas preparations, now took heart, and bestowed a very gentle and salutary little cuff on the saucy head that still wore the purple cap, and then hastened to gather up her various purchases.

“Laugh away,” said she, gayly; “and a good many others will laugh, too, over these things. I got them to make people laugh–people that are not in the habit of laughing!”

“Well, well, I see into it,” said Will; “and I tell you I think right well of the idea, too. There are worlds of money wasted, at this time of the year, in getting things that nobody wants, and nobody cares for after they are got; and I am glad, for my part, that you are going to get up a variety in this line; in fact, I should like to give you one of these stray leaves to help on,” said he, dropping a ten dollar note into her paper. “I like to encourage girls to think of something besides breastpins and sugar candy.”

But our story spins on too long. If any body wants to see the results of Ella’s first attempts at good fairyism, they can call at the doors of two or three old buildings on Christmas morning, and they shall hear all about it.