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Christ Comes To Texas
by [?]

The editor was becoming really alarmed. He was fearful that his visitor was frightfully heterodox, hence he broke in with, “If you’re not careful, Doc Talmage will denounce you as an infidel!”

“Brother Talmage is like unto the west wind–he bloweth whithersoever he listeth, and no man knoweth whence his blow cometh or whither it goeth. I tried to have a talk with him while in Washington, but he was too busy writing a syndicate sermon on the political situation, demonstrating that Dives had already done too much for Lazarus, and peddling hallelujahs at two dollars apiece. I had heard much of him and expected to find him toiling early and late among the poor and wretched, the suffering of the Capital city. When I called at his residence the servant told me that his master could not be disturbed–said there had been a dozen tramps there that morning. I asked him what salary his master received in a city filled with homeless vagabonds for preaching Christ and Him crucified, but he vouchsafed me no answer. I went to hear the great man preach, but the usher told me there was a mission church around the corner where my spiritual wants would be attended to. If I failed to find a seat there I could stand on the street-corner and hear the Salvation Army beat the bass drum and sing, ‘Come to Jesus.’ I lingered in the vestibule, however, and heard his sermon. I asked for bread and he gave me wind-pudding. I was sorry that I didn’t attend the Salvation Army exercises. I prefer the bass drum to the doctor. It may be equally noisy, but hardly so empty. I saw men attired in fine cloth and women ablaze with jewels kneel on velvet cushions and pray to me. Then the choir sang,

” ‘Oh, how I love Jesus, for Jesus died for me.’

“And Dr. Talmage exclaimed, ‘Come, dear Lord, O come!’ I came. I walked down the center aisle, expecting that a mighty shout of joy would shake the vaulted roof of Heaven and be echoed back by the angels. I supposed that Dr. Talmage would advance and embrace me. But no; the men stared their disapproval; the women drew back their perfumed skirts of glistening silk, and Dr. Talmage thundered, ‘Sirrah! who are you?’ I raised my hand and exclaimed in a loud voice:

” ‘Jesus Christ!’ “

The editor started up from his siesta and rubbed his eyes– the foreman of the Baptist Standard had “pied a form.”