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4 Works of Philip Freneau

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Philip Freneau, the poet of the Revolution, as he has been called, was of French Huguenot ancestry. The Freneaus came to New York in 1685. His mother was Agnes Watson, a resident of New York, and the poet was born on the second of January, 1752. In the year 1780 a vessel of which he […]

The fight of Eutaw Springs, although called a drawn battle, resulted in the withdrawal of the British troops from South Carolina. At Eutaw Springs the valiant died: Their limbs with dust are covered o’er– Weep on, ye springs, your tearful tide; How many heroes are no more! If, in this wreck of ruin, they Can […]

In an attack upon the town and a small fort of two guns, by the RAMILLIES, seventy-four gun ship, commanded by Sir Thomas Hardy; the PACTOLUS, 38 gun ship; DESPATCH brig, and a razee, or bomb ship,–August, 1814. Four gallant ships from England came Freighted deep with fire and flame, And other things we need […]

From Bourbon’s brow the crown remov’d,Low in the dust is laid;And, parted now from all she lov’d,Maria’s[1] beauties fade:What shall relieve her sad distress,What power recall that former stateWhen drinking deep her seas of bliss,She smil’d, and look’d so sweet!–With aching heart and haggard eyeShe views the palace,[2] towering high,Where, once, were pass’d her brightest […]