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3 Works of Margaret Deland

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The Waits

Story type: Poetry

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At the break of Christmas Day, Through the frosty starlight ringing, Faint and sweet and far away, Comes the sound of children, singing, Chanting, singing, “Cease to mourn, For Christ is born, Peace and joy to all men bringing!” Careless that the chill winds blow, Growing stronger, sweeter, clearer, Noiseless footfalls in the snow Bring […]

Like small curled feathers, white and soft, The little clouds went by, Across the moon, and past the stars, And down the western sky: In upland pastures, where the grass With frosted dew was white, Like snowy clouds the young sheep lay, That first, best Christmas night. The shepherds slept; and, glimmering faint, With twist […]

Hushed are the pigeons cooing low On dusty rafters of the loft; And mild-eyed oxen, breathing soft, Sleep on the fragrant hay below. Dim shadows in the corner hide; The glimmering lantern’s rays are shed Where one young lamb just lifts his head, Then huddles ‘gainst his mother’s side. Strange silence tingles in the air; […]