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4 Works of Leigh Hunt

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So many things have been said of late years about Christmas, that it is supposed by some there is no saying more. O they of little faith! What! do they suppose that every thing has been said that can be said about any one Christmas thing? About beef, for instance? About plum-pudding? About mince-pie? About […]

Christmas comes! He comes, he comes, Ushered with a rain of plums; Hollies in the windows greet him; Schools come driving post to meet him; Gifts precede him, bells proclaim him, Every mouth delights to name him; Wet, and cold, and wind, and dark Make him but the warmer mark; And yet he comes not […]

[Translated from The Latin of Walter De Mapes, Time of Henry II] I devise to end my days–in a tavern drinking,May some Christian hold for me–the glass when I am shrinking.That the cherubim may cry–when they see me sinking,God be merciful to a soul–of this gentleman’s way of thinking.A glass of wine amazingly–enlighteneth one’s intervals;‘Tis […]

Jenny kiss’d Me

Story type: Poetry

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JENNY kiss’d me when we met,Jumping from the chair she sat in;Time, you thief, who love to getSweets into your list, put that in!Say I’m weary, say I’m sad,Say that health and wealth have miss’d me,Say I’m growing old, but add,Jenny kiss’d me.