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10 Works of Laura Lee Hope

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CHAPTER I A MAKE-BELIEVE FIGHT “Attention!” That was the word of command heard in the toy section of a large department store one night, after all the customers and clerks had gone home. “Attention!” “Dear me, what is going on?” asked a Calico Clown, as he looked around the corner of a pile of gaily […]

CHAPTER I IS HE IN FAIRYLAND? The Candy Rabbit sat up on his hind legs and looked around. Then he rubbed his pink glass eyes with his front paws. He rubbed his eyes once, he rubbed them twice, he rubbed them three times. “No, I am not asleep! I am not dreaming,” said the Candy […]

CHAPTER I THE LAMB’S WISH Out of his box the Jack popped his head. The funny, black fringe of whiskers around his face jiggled up and down. His queer, big eyes looked around the store. “Hurray!” cried the Jack in the Box. “We are alone at last and now we can have some fun! Hurray!” […]

CHAPTER I TOY-SHOP FUN Toot! Toot! Tootity-toot-toot! “Goodness me! who is blowing the horn?” asked the Talking Doll, as she sat up on the shelf in the toy shop. “This isn’t Friday; and we don’t want any fish!” “Speak for yourself, if you please,” said a large, white China Cat, who had just finished washing […]

CHAPTER I A STRANGE AWAKENING The Monkey on a Stick opened his eyes and looked around. That is he tried to look around; but all he could see, on all sides of him, was pasteboard box. He was lying on his back, with his hands and feet clasped around the stick, up which he had […]

CHAPTER I THE SANTA CLAUS SHOP The Nodding Donkey dated his birth from the day he received the beautiful coat of varnish in the workshop of Santa Claus at the North Pole. Before that he was just some pieces of wood, glued together. His head was not glued on, however, but was fastened in such […]

CHAPTER I A SNOWBALL FIGHT Down swirled the white flakes, blowing this way and that. It was snowing furiously in North Pole Land, and even the immense workshop of Santa Claus was almost buried in white. How the wind howled! It whistled down the chimneys, and blew the sparks about. “Whew, how cold it is!” […]

CHAPTER I THE ELEPHANT AND THE MOUSE “Oh, how large he is!” “Isn’t he? And such wonderfully strong legs!” “See his trunk, too! Isn’t it cute! And he is well stuffed! This is really one of the best toys that ever came into our shop, Geraldine; don’t you think so?” “Yes, Angelina. I must call […]

CHAPTER I READY FOR A RACE One by one the lights went out. One by one the shoppers left the toy department of the store. One by one the clerks rode down in the elevators. At last all was still and quiet and dark–that is, all dark except for a small light, so the night-watchman […]

CHAPTER I THE GIANT’S SWING “To-night we shall have a most wonderful time,” said the Elephant from the Noah’s Ark to a Double Humped Camel who lived in the stall next to him. “What kind of a time?” asked the Camel. He stood on the toy counter of a big department store, looking across the […]