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3 Works of John Ruskin

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To FRANCIS HAWKSWORTH FAWKES, ESQ OF FARNLEY THESE PAGES WHICH OWE THEIR PRESENT FORM TO ADVANTAGES GRANTED BY HIS KINDNESS ARE AFFECTIONATELY INSCRIBED BY HIS OBLIGED FRIEND JOHN RUSKIN PREFACE. Eight years ago, in the close of the first volume of “Modern Painters,” I ventured to give the following advice to the young artists of […]

On the first mild–or, at least, the first bright–day of March, in this year, I walked through what was once a country lane, between the hostelry of the Half-moon at the bottom of Herne Hill, and the secluded College of Dulwich. In my young days, Croxsted Lane was a green bye-road traversable for some distance […]

PREFACE “The King of the Golden River” is a delightful fairy tale told with all Ruskin’s charm of style, his appreciation of mountain scenery, and with his usual insistence upon drawing a moral. None the less, it is quite unlike his other writings. All his life long his pen was busy interpreting nature and pictures […]