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11 Works of John Payne

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The Khalif Omar Ben Abdulaziz and the Poets.[41] [Footnote 41] Breslau Text, vol. vl. pp. 182-188, Nights ccccxxxii-ccccxxxiv. It is said that, when the Khalifate devolved on Omar ben Abdulaziz[42] (of whom God accept), the poets [of the time] resorted to him, as they had been used to resort to the Khalifs before him, and […]

El Hejjaj and the Three Young Men* [NOTE *: Breslau Text, vol. vi. pp. 188-9, Night ccccxxxiv.] They tell that El Hejjaj[70] once commanded the Master of Police [of Bassora] to go round about [the city] by night, and whomsoever he found [abroad] after nightfall, that he should strike off his head. So he went […]

HAROUN ER RESHID AND THE WOMAN OF THE BARMECIDES.[84] [Footnote 84] Breslau Text, vol. vi. pp. 189-191, Night ccccxxxiv. They tell that Haroun er Reshid was sitting one day to do away grievances, when there came up to him a woman and said to him, “O Commander of the Faithful, may God accomplish thine affair […]

Jaafer Ben Yehya and Abdulmeilik Ben Salih the Abbaside[144] [Footnote 144] Breslau Text, vol. vii. pp. 251-4, Night dlxv. It is told of Jaafer ben Yehya the Barmecide that he sat down one day to drink and being minded to be private (with his friends), sent for his boon-companions, in whom he delighted, and charged […]

Er Reshid and the Barmecides. [152] [Footnote 152] Breslau text, vol vii, pp.258-60, Night dlxvii. It is said that the most extraordinary of that which happened to Er Reshid was as follows: His brother El Hadi,[153] when he succeeded to the Khalifate, enquired of a seal-ring of great price, that had belonged to his father […]

Ibn Es Semmak and Er Reshid[161] It is related that Ibn es Semmak[162] went in one day to Er Reshid and the Khalif, being athirst, called for drink. So his cup was brought him, and when he took it, Ibn es Semmak said to him, “Softly, O Commander of the Faithful! If thou wert denied […]

El Mamoun And Zubeideh

Story type: Literature

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El Mamoun and Zubeideh[163] It is said that El Mamoun[164] came one day upon Zubeideh, mother of El Amin,[165] and saw her moving her lips and muttering somewhat he understood not; so he said to her, “O mother mine, dost thou imprecate [curses] upon me, for that I slew thy son and despoiled him of […]

En Numan and the Arab of the Benou Tai[168] It is said that En Numan[169] had two boon-companions, one of whom was called Ibn Saad and the other Amrou ben el Melik, and he became one night drunken and bade bury them alive; so they buried them. When he arose on the morrow, he enquired […]

Firouz And His Wife

Story type: Literature

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Firouz and His Wife[175] [Footnote 175] Breslau Text, vol. viii. pp. 273-8, Nights dclxxv–vi. A certain king sat one day on the roof of his palace, diverting himself with looking about him, and presently, chancing to look aside, he espied, on [the roof of] a house over against his palace, a woman, never saw his […]

King Shah Bekht And His Vizier Er Rehwan [177] [Footnote 177] Breslau Text, vol xi. pp. 84-318, Nights dccclxxv-dccccxxx. There was once, of old days and in bygone ages and times, a king of the kings of the time, by name Shah Bekht, who had troops and servants and guards galore and a vizier called […]

Asleep And Awake

Story type: Literature

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Asleep and Awake[1] [Footnote 1] Breslau Text, vol. iv. pp. 134-189, Nights cclxxii.-ccxci. This is the story familiar to readers of the old “Arabian Nights” as “Abon Hassan, or the Sleeper Awakened” and is the only one of the eleven tales added by Galland to his version of the (incomplete) MS. of the Book of […]