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4 Works of John Charles Dent

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About three o’clock in the afternoon of Wednesday, the fourth of September, 1884, I was riding up Yonge Street, in the city of Toronto, on the top of a crowded omnibus. The omnibus was bound for Thornhill, and my own destination was the intermediate village of Willowdale. Having been in Canada only a short time, […]

I. My name is William Francis Furlong. My occupation is that of a commission merchant, and my place of business is on St. Paul Street, in the City of Montreal. I have resided in Montreal ever since shortly after my marriage, in 1862, to my cousin, Alice Playter, of Toronto. My name may not be […]

BEING A NARRATION OF CERTAIN STRANGE EVENTS ALLEGED TOHAVE TAKEN PLACE AT YORK, UPPER CANADA, IN OR ABOUT THE YEAR 1823. “O’er all there hung the Shadow of a Fear;A sense of mystery the spirit daunted;And said, as plain as whisper in the ear,The place is haunted.”–HOOD. I.–OUTSIDE THE HOUSE. I suppose there are at […]

A HALF-FORGOTTEN CHAPTER IN THE HISTORY OF AN UPPER CANADIAN TOWNSHIP. CHAPTER I. THE PLACE AND THE MAN. Near the centre of one of the most flourishing of the western counties of Ontario, and on the line of the Great Western branch of the Grand Trunk Railway, stands a pleasant little town, which, for the […]