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24 Works of James Parkerson

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Britons wept when they heard brave Nelson was wounded,Cried aloud when they knew that a ball pierced his heart;Yet it eas’d our distress to find him surrounded,By those friends he loved, when compell’d to depart. He requested to know the fate of the battle,If t’was likely that England would conquor that day;When they answer’d him […]

Written Extempore

Story type: Poetry

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On Receipt of a Letter, dated Sept. 26, 1806. I’ve read your letter o’er and o’er again,Happy to find you faithful do remain,Besides forgiveness; though too much I fear,I long have made you victim to despair.You say two years with fervency I stroveTo keep affection, constancy, and love;But soon as crosses came upon my mind,Was […]

Farewell ye partner of my woes, farewell!The finest language could but faintly tell,What I now feel in writing this adieu,What you must suffer when I’m far from you.There was a time when happiness my lot,I liv’d serenely in my little cot;No wicked thoughts did then disturb my rest,My children round me, by a father prest;No […]

Reflect ere death, call you away,To answer at the awful day;Your thousands cannot purchase life,But as you waste it cause you strife.Many a pang you’ve felt of late,I must pronounce you vile ingrate;By art you gain a Lady’s smile,Soon as acquired would her beguile;Careless the pangs a husband feel,To you I make this sad appeal;Was […]

My life is embittered with cares,The reason to me is quite plain;I have caused many sighs and sad tears,To her I shall ne’er see again. She is fled from my presence above,I shortened her days in this life;To share true angelical love,She is free’d from all pain care and stife. How could I the dictates […]

Calista, tho’ you waft a smile,And blithsome still appear;It does not censure ought beguile,Or stop the stifled tear. Its levity your conduct sway,And tarnish much your name;Too much her dictates you obey,The prudent must you blame. A married woman never can,Meet in a secret place;An artful gay and single man,And not incur disgrace. Censure you […]

Excess to mankind oft’times brings,Remorse with all its bitter stings;When cares oppress us in this life.At times we drink to banish strife;But when its feeble aid is o’er,We are more wretched then before.Oft poverty the man disgrace,And shows a drunkard in his face;Suppose he is a man of wealth,Excess of liquor injures health;Not only health […]

The wealthy farmer with a rosy hue,Weekly attends the hardy scot to view;The pretty homebred soon his eye detain,Views and admires, then chat in lively strain;Of natures produce till his business callHim from such pleasing sights to pace the hall;Soon as he sees his merchant at his stand,He shows the produce of his fertile land;I’ll […]

Berkley, the female champion of our cause,While gratitude exists demands applause;The morn was fine and pleasant was the scene,The sons of Briton met on Writtle green:To church repair’d with fervency and grace,And loyalty appear’d on every face;Prayers were read with energy and truth,To give instructions to the British youth;The same good order then was plainly […]

Three Jackalls were a prawling sentIt is supposed with ill intent,At least to make a prey:On any thing they saw was good;So dashing furious in a wood,They seiz’d without delay, An Orange Tree well hung with fruit,It apt the Lion’s taste to suit,By Jackalls forced away.The owner of the tree declares,He’ll strip the Lion of […]

Oh gracious God, her peace restore,And make her sufferings less;Let frenzied thoughts disturb no more,Or sorrow on her press. Pour down thy blessings, on a mindEncompass’d round by grief;Let fortune smile and friends be kind,To nature grant relief. ’Twas pure affection caus’d her tears,And furrow’d beauty’s face;But thou can lull to rest her fears,By thy […]

Accept oh Lord! a mother’s prayer,And shield my child from sickness here;May Judah, ever constant proveHerself deserving of thy love:Sweet Robert in this vale of tears,Survived with me three sickening years,Before it was thy will to say,He shall the debt of nature pay:On lov’d Maria now I dwell,My grief for her no pen can tell;To […]

The victim of sorrow with gloom on his mind,Sighs for those pleasures he late left behind;The bottle, the play-house, card-room and ball,And the fine guilded chariot kept at the hall;Enjoy’d but at night in dreams mix’d with sorrow,That leaves the imprudent as hopeless to morrow.With anguish he views his now alter’d state,Laments his past folly […]

The Reproach

Story type: Poetry

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Canst thou see my wasted frame,And hear aloud sad Betsy’s name,And still unmov’d remain;Yes, thou canst hear it every day,And to it oft attention pay:Without a sigh or pain. But when ye do in heaven appear,My Father’s spirit will be there;And hear thy awful doom.Thy soul will then tormented be,For dealing so unjust with me;Who […]

Albert To Hannah

Story type: Poetry

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I’ve read your letter o’er and o’er again,Happy to find you faithful do remain,Besides forgiveness; though too much I fear,I long have made you victim to despair.You say two years with fervency I stroveTo keep affection, constancy, and love;But soon as crosses came upon my mind,Was careless of you, and appear’d unkind.I knew my home […]

Faithful in friendship kind to all,The needy poor around;And those who gave a friendly call,A hearty welcome found. Deceit ne’er harbour’d in his breast,Or flattery in his mind;From troubles here he surely rest,And hope forgiveness find.

You vilest of the human race,A traitorous fiend with double face;A fawning sycophant from youth,Who never spoke a word of truth:Who shed thy tears like crocodile;Apparent virtue prov’d all vile:You ask’d for cash the other day;And for your coach hire home to pay.Poor needy wretch I lent you gold,You in return my credit sold:But vile […]

The fleets of haughty France and Spain,No more will triumph on the main,Though Nelson is no more:Our hero’s blood was dearly bought;To conquer them he bravely fought,And died in vict’ry’s arms. ‘We’ll avenge his death,’ the seamen cry,‘We’ll fight, we’ll conquer, or we’ll die,And will their force deride:Our little ones shall lisp his name,And to […]

Oh Betsy hide that starting tear,That fain would speak distress;A cherub’s aid will soon appear,And make your sufferings less. You say no pity you can crave,For misery here below;Then rest your hopes beyond the grave,Where God great mercy show. To every damsel in distress,If penitents they prove;He quickly make their sorrows less,And send again his […]

The Bankrupt

Story type: Poetry

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Oft have you pray’d me, when in youth,Never to err from paths of truth;But youth to vice is much too prone,And mine by far too much, I own.Induced to riot, swear, and game,I thought in vice t’acquire fame;But found the pois’ning scenes of riotSoon robb’d my mind of joy and quiet.The usual course of rakes […]

Embarress’d man be just and true,Insolvent acts releases you;I mean your person from a jail,Tho’ keen reproach the man assail.Take my advice when e’er you find,Misfortunes canker in your mind;Resign your trade give up your store,For going on will hurt you more.When e’er you find you cannot pay,Your trade give up without delay;Too apt we […]

My pen cannot describe or tears convey,The pangs I felt when late I bad farewell;I view’d in death’s embrace a parent lay,And heard the passing of the mournful bell. Nine month’s disease its ravages had made,E’er death reliev’d her from all sufferings here;I saw the Sexton with his Iron spade,Mark out the spot, and place […]

I’ve pac’d the sacred yard, oh death! thy sting,Expunge from earth the beggar and the king;A marble monument, a stone foretell,The characters below, here acted well:Each grave a warning give, and yet we see,Few strive to gain a bless’d eternity:Kindred and neighbours with departing sigh,Cry, write o’er me, ‘remember all must die!’Can we these warnings […]

When fortune smil’d, his friendly careWas to relieve distress;And ease the wretched in dispair,Or make their troubles less.When to him misfortune stray’d,No brothers gave relief;To assist the man each seem’d afraid,Or ease the brow of grief.A trifling pittance neighbours say,The elder B—r sent;Not half enough in life’s decay,To pay his nurse and rent.From his misfortunes […]