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2 Works of Henryk Sienkiewicz

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CHAPTER I On a time it happened that the light-house keeper in Aspinwall, not far from Panama, disappeared without a trace. Since he disappeared during a storm, it was supposed that the ill-fated man went to the very edge of the small, rocky island on which the light-house stood, and was swept out by a […]

Whose Fault?

Story type: Literature

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A Dramatic Picture in One Act CHARACTERS: Jadwiga Karlowiecka.Leon–A Painter.A Servant. In the House of Jadwiga Karlowiecka. SCENE I A SERVANT. The lady will be here in a minute. LEON(alone).–I cannot overcome my emotion nor can I tranquillize the throbbing of my heart. Three times have I touched the bell and three times have I […]