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4 Works of Henry Fielding

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INTRODUCTION The publishing history of this translation has been sketched by Cross, in his History of Henry Fielding, and may simply be summarized here. The first edition, entitled Ovid’s Art of Love Paraphrased and Adapted to the Present Time (or Times ) was first issued in February, 1747, and was advertised in the Gentleman’s and […]

Man is generally represented as an animal formed for, and delighted in, society; in this state alone, it is said, his various talents can be exerted, his numberless necessities relieved, the dangers he is exposed to can be avoided, and many of the pleasures he eagerly affects enjoyed. If these assertions be, as I think […]

No. 13. TUESDAY, JANUARY 28, 1746. Qui non recte instituunt atque erudiunt liberos, non solum liberis sed et reipublicae faciunt injuriam. –CICERO. MR ADAMS having favoured me with a second letter, I shall give it the public without any apology. If anything in it should at first a little shock those readers who know the […]

THE COVENT-GARDEN JOURNAL. No. 10. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1752. At nostri proavi Plautinos et numeros, etLaudavere sales; nimium patienter utrumque,Ne dicam stulte, mirati. MODERNISED. In former times this tasteless, silly townToo fondly prais’d Tom D’Urfey and Tom Brown. THE present age seems pretty well agreed in an opinion, that the utmost scope and end of […]