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27 Works of Edward Lear

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The Lake Pipple-Popple

Story type: Literature

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CHAPTER I. INTRODUCTORY. In former days,–that is to say, once upon a time,–there lived in the Land of Gramble-Blamble seven families. They lived by the side of the great Lake Pipple-Popple (one of the seven families, indeed, lived in the lake), and on the outskirts of the city of Tosh, which, excepting when it was […]

Once upon a time, a long while ago, there were four little people whose names were VIOLET, SLINGSBY, GUY, and LIONEL; and they all thought they should like to see the world. So they bought a large boat to sail quite round the world by sea, and then they were to come back on the […]

I. Said the Table to the Chair, “You can hardly be aware How I suffer from the heat And from chilblains on my feet. If we took a little walk, We might have a little talk; Pray let us take the air,” Said the Table to the Chair. II. Said the Chair unto the Table, […]

I. On a little piece of wood Mr. Spikky Sparrow stood: Mrs. Sparrow sate close by, A-making of an insect-pie For her little children five, In the nest and all alive; Singing with a cheerful smile, To amuse them all the while, “Twikky wikky wikky wee, Wikky bikky twikky tee, Spikky bikky bee!” II. Mrs. […]

I. The Broom and the Shovel, the Poker and Tongs, They all took a drive in the Park; And they each sang a song, ding-a-dong, ding-a-dong! Before they went back in the dark. Mr. Poker he sate quite upright in the coach; Mr. Tongs made a clatter and clash; Miss Shovel was dressed all in […]

Calico Pie

Story type: Poetry

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I. Calico pie, The little birds fly Down to the calico-tree: Their wings were blue, And they sang “Tilly-loo!” Till away they flew; And they never came back to me! They never came back, They never came back, They never came back to me! II. Calico jam, The little Fish swam Over the Syllabub Sea. […]

I. The Nutcrackers sate by a plate on the table; The Sugar-tongs sate by a plate at his side; And the Nutcrackers said, “Don’t you wish we were able Along the blue hills and green meadows to ride? Must we drag on this stupid existence forever, So idle and weary, so full of remorse, While […]

The Jumblies

Story type: Poetry

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I. They went to sea in a sieve, they did; In a sieve they went to sea: In spite of all their friends could say, On a winter’s morn, on a stormy day, In a sieve they went to sea. And when the sieve turned round and round, And every one cried, “You’ll all be […]

I. Once Mr. Daddy Long-legs, Dressed in brown and gray, Walked about upon the sands Upon a summer’s day: And there among the pebbles, When the wind was rather cold, He met with Mr. Floppy Fly, All dressed in blue and gold; And, as it was too soon to dine, They drank some periwinkle-wine, And […]

The Absolutely Abstemious Ass, who resided in a Barrel, and only lived on Soda Water and Pickled Cucumbers. The Bountiful Beetle, who always carried a Green Umbrella when it didn’t rain, and left it at home when it did. The Comfortable Confidential Cow, who sate in her Red Morocco Arm Chair and toasted her own […]

There was a young person of Bantry, Who frequently slept in the pantry; When disturbed by the mice, she appeased them with rice, That judicious young person of Bantry. There was an Old Man at a Junction, Whose feelings were wrung with compunction When they said, “The Train’s gone!” he exclaimed, “How forlorn!” But remained […]

A tumbled down, and hurt his Arm, against a bit of wood, B said. “My Boy, oh, do not cry; it cannot do you good!” C said, “A Cup of Coffee hot can’t do you any harm.” D said, “A Doctor should be fetched, and he would cure the arm.” E said, “An Egg beat […]

A A was an Area Arch Where washerwomen sat; They made a lot of lovely starch To starch Papa’s Cravat. B B was a Bottle blue, Which was not very small; Papa he filled it full of beer, And then he drank it all. C C was Papa’s gray Cat, Who caught a squeaky Mouse; […]

The Akond Of Swat

Story type: Poetry

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Who, or why, or which, or what, Is the Akond of SWAT? Is he tall or short, or dark or fair? Does he sit on a stool or a sofa or chair, or SQUAT, The Akond of Swat? Is he wise or foolish, young or old? Does he drink his soup and his coffee cold, […]

The Cummerbund

Story type: Poetry

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An Indian Poem. I. She sate upon her Dobie, To watch the Evening Star, And all the Punkahs, as they passed, Cried, “My! how fair you are!” Around her bower, with quivering leaves, The tall Kamsamahs grew, And Kitmutgars in wild festoons Hung down from Tchokis blue. II. Below her home the river rolled With […]

I. On the top of the Crumpetty Tree The Quangle Wangle sat, But his face you could not see, On account of his Beaver Hat. For his Hat was a hundred and two feet wide, With ribbons and bibbons on every side, And bells, and buttons, and loops, and lace, So that nobody ever could […]

I. Mr. and Mrs. Discobbolos Climbed to the top of a wall. And they sate to watch the sunset sky, And to hear the Nupiter Piffkin cry, And the Biscuit Buffalo call. They took up a roll and some Camomile tea, And both were as happy as happy could be, Till Mrs. Discobbolos said,– “Oh! […]

The New Vestments

Story type: Poetry

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There lived an old man in the Kingdom of Tess, Who invented a purely original dress; And when it was perfectly made and complete, He opened the door and walked into the street. By way of a hat he’d a loaf of Brown Bread, In the middle of which he inserted his head; His Shirt […]

I. The Pobble who has no toes Had once as many as we; When they said, “Some day you may lose them all;” He replied, “Fish fiddle de-dee!” And his Aunt Jobiska made him drink Lavender water tinged with pink; For she said, “The World in general knows There’s nothing so good for a Pobble’s […]

I. On the Coast of Coromandel Where the early pumpkins blow, In the middle of the woods Lived the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo. Two old chairs, and half a candle, One old jug without a handle,– These were all his worldly goods: In the middle of the woods, These were all the worldly goods Of the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo, Of […]

King and Queen of the Pelicans we; No other Birds so grand we see! None but we have feet like fins! With lovely leathery throats and chins! Ploffskin, Pluffskin, Pelican jee! We think no Birds so happy as we! Plumpskin, Ploshkin, Pelican Jill! We think so then, and we thought so still We live on […]

Two old Bachelors were living in one house; One caught a Muffin, the other caught a Mouse. Said he who caught the Muffin to him who caught the Mouse,– “This happens just in time! For we’ve nothing in the house, Save a tiny slice of lemon and a teaspoonful of honey, And what to do […]

When awful darkness and silence reign Over the great Gromboolian plain, Through the long, long wintry nights; When the angry breakers roar As they beat on the rocky shore; When Storm-clouds brood on the towering heights Of the Hills of the Chankly Bore,– Then, through the vast and gloomy dark There moves what seems a […]

There was an Old Man with a nose, Who said, “If you choose to suppose That my nose is too long, you are certainly wrong!” That remarkable Man with a nose. There was a Young Person of Smyrna, Whose Grandmother threatened to burn her; But she seized on the Cat, and said, “Granny, burn that! […]

1. There was an Old Man with a beard, Who said, “It is just as I feared!– Two Owls and a Hen, Four Larks and a Wren, Have all built their nests in my beard!” 2. There was a Young Lady of Ryde, Whose shoe-strings were seldom untied; She purchased some clogs, And some small […]

Said the Duck to the Kangaroo, “Good gracious! how you hop Over the fields and the water too, As if you never would stop! My life is a bore in this nasty pond, And I long to go out in the world beyond! I wish I could hop like you!” Said the Duck to the […]

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat went to sea In a beautiful pea-green boat, They took some honey, and plenty of money Wrapped up in a five-pound note. The Owl looked up to the stars above, And sang to a small guitar, “O lovely Pussy! O Pussy, my love, What a beautiful Pussy you are, You […]