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4 Works of Christopher Marlowe

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Dialogue In Verse

Story type: Poetry

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DIALOGUE IN VERSE[1] JACK. Seest thou not yon farmer’s son?He hath stoln my love from me, alas!What shall I do? I am undone;My heart will ne’er be as it was.O, but he gives her gay gold rings,And tufted gloves [for] holiday,And many other goodly things,That hath stolen my love away. FRIEND. Let him give her […]

IN OBITUM HONORATISSIMI VIRI, ROGERIMANWOOD, MILITIS, QUÆSTORII REGINALIS CAPITALIS BARONIS First printed by Payne Collier ( History of the English Stage, etc.p. xliv.–prefixed to the first vol. of his Shakespeare ) from a MS. on the back of the title-page of a copy of Hero and Leander, ed. 1629, where it is subscribed with Marlowe’s […]

Herrick has a pastoral invitation TO PHILLIS TO LOVE AND LIVE WITH HIM Live, live with me, and thou shalt seeThe pleasures I’ll prepare for thee;What sweets the country can affordShall bless thy bed and bless thy board. The soft sweet moss shall be thy bedWith crawling woodbine overspread:By which the silver-shedding streamsShall gently melt […]

COME live with me, and be my love;And we will all the pleasures proveThat hills and valleys, dales and fields,Woods or steepy mountain yields. And we will sit upon the rocks,Seeing the shepherds feed their flocksBy shallow rivers, to whose fallsMelodious birds sing madrigals. And I will make thee beds of roses,And a thousand fragrant […]