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2 Works of Arthur Leo Zagat

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When the Sleepers Woke

Story type: Literature

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[Sidenote: Only two small groups of people–enemies–survive the vast desolation of the Final War.] “Prepare for battle!” The command crackled in Allan Dane’s helmet. “Enemy approaching from southeast! Squadron commanders execute plan two!” Allan settled back in the seat of his one-man helicopter, his broad frame rendered even bulkier by the leather suit that incased […]

[Sidenote: Trapped in the great dome, Darl valiantly defends Earth’s outpost against the bird-man of Mars and his horde of pigmy henchmen.] Darl Thomas mopped the streams of perspiration from his bronzed face and lean-flanked, wiry body, nude save for clinging shorts and fiber sandals. “By the whirling rings of Saturn,” he growled as he […]