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The Visions Of Bellay
by [?]

[* Addrest, hung on, arranged.]
[** Fone, foes.]


I saw a wolfe under a rockie cave
Noursing two whelpes; I saw her litle ones
In wanton dalliance the teate to crave,
While she her neck wreath’d from them for the nones*.
I saw her raunge abroad to seeke her food,
And roming through the field with greedie rage
T’embrew her teeth and clawes with lukewarm blood
Of the small heards, her thirst for to asswage.
I saw a thousand huntsmen, which descended
Downe from the mountaines bordring Lombardie,
That with an hundred speares her flank wide rened:
I saw her on the plaine outstretched lie,
Throwing out thousand throbs in her owne soyle**:
Soone on a tree uphang’d I saw her spoyle.

[* Nones, nonce.]
[** I.e. the mire made by her blood.]


I saw the bird that can the sun endure
With feeble wings assay to mount on hight;
By more and more she gan her wings t’assure,
Following th’ensample of her mothers sight.
I saw her rise, and with a larger flight
To pierce the cloudes, and with wide pinneons
To measure the most haughtie* mountaines hight,
Untill she raught** the gods owne mansions.
There was she lost; when suddaine I behelde,
Where, tumbling through the ayre in firie fold,
All flaming downe she on the plaine was felde,
And soone her bodie turn’d to ashes colde.
I saw the foule that doth the light dispise
Out of her dust like to a worme arise.
[* Haughtie, lofty.]
[** Raught, reached.]
[VII. 1-14.–
“A falcon, tow’ring in her pride of place,
Was by a mousing owl hawk’d at and kill’d.” C.]


I saw a river swift, whose fomy billowes
Did wash the ground-work of an old great wall;
I saw it cover’d all with griesly shadowes,
That with black horror did the ayre appall:
Thereout a strange beast with seven heads arose,
That townes and castles under her brest did coure*,
And seem’d both milder beasts and fiercer foes
Alike with equall ravine to devoure.
Much was I mazde to see this monsters kinde
In hundred formes to change his fearefull hew;
When as at length I saw the wrathfull winde,
Which blows cold storms, burst out of Scithian mew,
That sperst these cloudes; and, in so short as thought,
This dreadfull shape was vanished to nought.
[* Coure, cover.]


Then all astonied with this mighty ghoast,
An hideous bodie, big and strong, I sawe,
With side* long beard, and locks down hanging loast**,
Sterne face, and front full of Saturnlike awe;
Who, leaning on the belly of a pot,
Pourd foorth a water, whose out gushing flood
Ran bathing all the creakie@ shore aflot,
Whereon the Troyan prince spilt Turnus blood;
And at his feete a bitch wolfe suck did yeeld
To two young babes: his left the palme tree stout,
His right hand did the peacefull olive wield.
And head with lawrell garnisht was about.
Sudden both palme and olive fell away,
And faire green lawrell branch did quite decay.
[* Side, long, trailing.]
[** Loast, loosed.]
[@ Creakie, indented with creeks.]


Hard by a rivers side a virgin faire,
Folding her armes to heaven with thousand throbs,
And outraging her cheekes and golden haire,
To falling rivers sound thus tun’d her sobs.
“Where is,” quoth she, “this whilom honoured face?
Where the great glorie and the auncient praise,
In which all worlds felicitie had place,
When gods and men my honour up did raise?
Suffisd’ it not that civill warres me made
The whole worlds spoile, but that this Hydra new,
Of hundred Hercules to be assaide,
With seven heads, budding monstrous crimes anew,
So many Neroes and Caligulaes
Out of these crooked shores must dayly rayse?”