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by [?]

I know not how to rightly tell
How fared my quest, and what befell
Me, coming in the presence of
That blind girl, and her blinder love.
I know but little else than that
Above the chair in which she sat
I leant–reached for, and found her hand,
And held it for a moment, and
Took up the other–held them both–
As might a friend, I will take oath:
Spoke leisurely, as might a man
Praying for no thing other than
He thinks Heaven’s justice;–She was blind,
I said, and yet a noble mind
Most truly loved her; one whose fond
Clear-sighted vision looked beyond
The bounds of her infirmity,
And saw the woman, perfectly
Modeled, and wrought out pure and true
And lovable. She quailed, and drew
Her hands away, but closer still
I caught them. “Rack me as you will!”
She cried out sharply–“Call me ‘blind’–
Love ever is–I am resigned!
Blind is your friend; as blind as he
Am I–but blindest of the three–
Yea, blind as death–you will not see
My love for you is killing me!”

There is a memory that may
Not ever wholly fade away
From out my heart, so bright and fair
The light of it still glimmers there.
Why, it did seem as though my sight
Flamed back upon me, dazzling white
And godlike. Not one other word
Of hers I listened for or heard,
But I saw songs sung in her eyes
Till they did swoon up drowning-wise,
As my mad lips did strike her own
And we flashed one and one alone!
Ah! was it treachery for me
To kneel there, drinking eagerly
That torrent-flow of words that swept
Out laughingly the tears she wept?–
Sweet words! O sweeter far, maybe,
Than light of day to those that see,–
God knows, who did the rapture send
To me, and hold it from my friend.

And we were married half a year
Ago,–and he is–waiting here,
Heedless of that–or anything,
But just that he is lingering
To say good-bye to her, and bow–
As you may see him doing now,–
For there’s her footstep in the hall;
God bless her!–help him!–save us all!