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In The Way
by [?]

As the picture faded, Gladys turned to the fairy. “I thought it had been all sunshine but now I see how hard it has been to learn to understand and to help. I love her better than I did before, now that I have seen her in the way. Thank you, fairy.”

“But wait,” said the fairy. “You asked me for a gift. Do you still want it? Do you still want to follow her?”

“To follow means study, and sacrifice, and temptations conquered, and sympathy, and all sorts of hard things, doesn’t it? I never thought about it. But I love Mrs. Fuller and I still want to lead girls–I still want the letters and I still want to be like her. Please, Fairy of Good Works, put me in the way and I will go back to school and begin to get ready.”

Then the little lady smiled as she waved her wand over the head of the girl. “Your life may be much more sunny than hers, dear. Not all must have the same things to overcome. But whatever you meet in the way, you must struggle against it and come out stronger because you have struggled. Can you see away off there in the distance the hands of girls–oh, so many of them–eagerly reached out for help? They are ‘your girls.’ And here is the way. Above there is one who helps and I am here though you may not see me. Push forward or the girls will have no helper. Good-by and good luck to you.”

But as Gladys reached out to detain her, her hat fell to the ground and she found herself sitting against the tree. In her hand was the picture of Mrs. Fuller and her girls. Long she looked at the picture. Then she said to herself,

“I never knew the way was so long or so hard to be like you but if just one girl can love me some day as I love you, then I shall be glad I have walked in the way. I am ready to try and I hope I can win.”