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In a Strange Land
by [?]

I shook hands with the pair and then Signora Niccolini said something to them and they went away.

“They’re handsome fellows, Signora,” I said.”You must be very proud of them.”

“I am, sir, and they’re good boys, both of them. They’ve never given me a moment’s trouble since they was born and they’re the very image of Signor Niccolini.”

“I must say no one would think they had an English mother.”

“I’m not exactly their mother, sir. I’ve just sent them along to say ‘ow do you do to ‘er.”

I daresay I looked a little confused.

“They’re the sons that Signor Niccolini ‘ad by a Greek girl that used to work in the ‘otel, and ‘aving no children of me own I adopted them.”

I sought for some remark to make.

“I’ope you don’t think that any blame attaches to Signor Niccolini,” she said, drawing herself up a little.”I shouldn’t like you to think that, sir.” She folded her hands again and with a mixture of pride and satisfaction added the final word:

“Signor Niccolini was a ver
y full-blooded man.”