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“Oh, I’ll reimburse you for your ticket,” exclaimed the King. “And now, what can I do for you?” he asked, turning to the Polar Bear.

“Train Porters have very low wages,” replied the Polar Bear.

“Very well,” answered King Seaphus, “I will see that yours are doubled,” and he waved the two visitors away with a haughty gesture. The court page then escorted them to the door.

“You heard what I said,” cried the King, turning to the Prime Minister. “Now go to the General Manager of the Sea Bottom Subway and inform him of my wishes. Also that he must have an express ready to start for the Caribbean Sea tomorrow morning without fail.”

The Prime Minister bowed respectfully and departed.

“Whew!” exclaimed the King, smiling at Mary Louise and his daughter as soon as the three were again alone, “if that Star Fish wasn’t a walking encyclopedia! He had everything at his five finger-ends!”

“I think I’ll take the same train as the little Star Fish,” said Mary Louise, “for I’ve never been to the Caribbean Sea and I think it must be a lovely place.”

“May I go with Mary Louise?” asked the Mermaid Princess.

“Well, I don’t see why not,” answered her father, after a pause, “only you must get back inside of a fortnight, for your mother will be home by that time.”

“I must see that my mother-of-pearl trunk is packed,” said the Princess. “Come with me, Mary Louise.” Then curtseying to the King, they swam up the water stairway to the room of the little mermaid.

The next morning found Mary Louise and the Mermaid Princess waiting anxiously at the station for the Iceberg Express. On the platform they recognized among the passengers their little friend, the Star Fish. In a few minutes the express thundered into the station. “Watch your step!” yelled the Polar Bear Porter as he helped Mary Louise and the Princess on board. Then with a rush and a roar the Iceberg Express started on its journey for the Mountains of the Sea!