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And if he escapes, this precious rabbit!Don’t you see himsitting there, in his earthly nook, a little ball of silence andrabbit-triumph?Don’t you see the glint on his black eye?Don’tyou see, in his very immobility, how the whole world ismerdeto him?No conceit like the conceit of the meek. Andif the avenging angel in the shape of the ghostly ferret stealsdown on him, there comes a shriek of terror out of that little humpof self-satisfaction sitting motionless in a corner. Falls thefugitive. But even fallen, his white feather floats. Even
indeath it seems to say: “I am the meek, I am the righteous, I am therabbit. All you rest, you are evil-doers, and you shall be bienemmerdé.” [Thoroughly contemptible (French)]