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No Man Understands Iron
by [?]

But why should the atom be incapable of further division? If it
is any size at all it can be thought of as split.

Where does the divisibility of matter end, if anywhere? What is
there SOLID about iron? Nothing in reality, except that it seems
to us solid. Already, with the X-ray, we can look through it.
Forces such as heat and electricity pass through it more readily
than through free air.

Science, which gradually finds things out, denying as it goes
along everything one step beyond, tells you truly that the
clusters of atoms in iron float in a sea of ether, just as do our
planets going round the sun. Heat the iron intensely. What
happens? You get what you call white heat. The white heat and
the white light come from the increase of wave motion in this
ether, and this ether, absolutely imponderable, of a tenuity
inconceivable, possesses elasticity greater and more powerful
than that of coiled steel. —-

So much for one small piece of iron, such as you would kick to
one side in a junk heap. If it interests you, read pages 159 to
162 of John Fiske’s admirable little book, “Through Nature to
God.” You will finish the book the day you get it.

If you are surprised to learn how much you did not know about
iron–after living near bits of iron all your life–is it not
just possible that your mind may be too feeble to conceive of

For the fly buzzing about the edge of Niagara Falls, the falls do
not exist. The fly’s brain cannot grasp their grandeur. It can
understand only the speck of spray that falls on its wing.

You live with God around you, hopelessly incapable of perceiving
His existence save through that faint spark of unconscious faith
that was mercifully planted in you. Snuff that out with dull
efforts at reason, and you have nothing.