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No. 406 [from The Spectator]
by [?]

If all those pretty Images of Rural Nature are lost in the Imitation, yet possibly you may think fit to let this supply the Place of a long Letter, when Want of Leisure or Indisposition for Writing will not permit our being entertained by your own Hand. I propose such a Time, because tho it is natural to have a Fondness for what one does ones self, yet I assure you I would not have any thing of mine displace a single Line of yours.

Haste, my Rain-Deer, and let us nimbly go
Our am’rous Journey through this dreery Waste;
Haste, my Rain-Deer! still still thou art too slow;
Impetuous Love demands the Lightning’s Haste.

Around us far the Rushy Moors are spread:
Soon will the Sun withdraw her chearful Ray:
Darkling and tir’d we shall the Marshes tread,
No Lay unsung to cheat the tedious Way.

The wat’ry Length of these unjoyous Moors
Does all the flow’ry Meadow’s Pride excel,
Through these I fly to her my Soul adores;
Ye flowery Meadows, empty Pride, Farewel.

Each Moment from the Charmer I’m confin’d,
My Breast is tortur’d with impatient Fires;
Fly, my Rain-Deer, fly swifter than the Wind,
Thy tardy Feet wing with my fierce Desires.

Our pleasing Toil will then be soon o’erpaid,
And thou, in Wonder lost, shalt view my Fair,
Admire each Feature of the lovely Maid,
Her artless Charms, her Bloom, her sprightly Air,

But lo! with graceful Motion there she swims,
Gently moving each ambitious Wave;
The crowding Waves transported clasp her Limbs:
When, when, oh when, shall I such Freedoms have!

In vain, you envious Streams, so fast you flow,
To hide her from a Lover’s ardent Gaze:
From ev’ry Touch you more transparent grow,
And all reveal’d the beauteous Wanton plays.


[Footnote 1: See No. 366 and note.]